Equipment: All in One

Our system, P-ARTISTM, is a comprehensive and fully integrated solution to treat patients with protons. The P-Cure Solution includesdiagnostic quality volumetric imaging, robotic positioning system, patient support systems, real time x-ray imaging, operating panels, and workstations. The patient-centric solution communicates with the accelerator and pencil beam scanning nozzle by means of P-Cure’s treatment management system.  


P-ARTIS TM 4D volumetric imaging integrates the Philips Imaging Technology. The system is equipped with the Brilliance Big Bore CT integrated into the uniquely designed sliding system. The setup enables scanning a patient in the treatment position while keeping the patient stationary. The scanner has 85 cm opening size suitable for scanning, and then treating, oncology patients. The scanner is installed with P-Cure’s special software capabilities for low dose scanning. The mode enables generation of high quality images while exposing the patients to only 20% of the standard radiation level.  This is particularly important for imaging children. The scanning system supports both helical and axial modes with fast image acquisition. The images can be used for treatment planning, for positioning, and for adaptive therapy. 


A robotic patient positioning system, with 6 degrees of freedom is integrated into the P-ARTISTM design. The base of the robot is placed on the floor with no need in preparing the pit. The reach of the distal arm enables the positioning of the patient:

  •    In seated positions
  •    In laying positions
  •    at imaging setup
  •    at treatment isocenter

The positioning device distal unit also plugs and plays the patient support systems (chair or couch). This is achieved by using an electric load cell that exchanges the patient supports automatically. 

The heart of the image guided positioning is the P-Cure positioning software. The software receives both the 3D and 2D imaging information and computes the positioning offset. The imaging information, imported via DICOM communication, is:

  •    3D CT dataset
  •    2D X-ray images
  •    DRRs

The software is equipped with the fast performing 3D and 2.5 alignment algorithms that align the imaging data within seconds and present the positioning information on the monitor of the workstation. The alignment can use either the entire image or the defined volume of interest. The alignment may be performed manually or automatically. The automatic accuracy of the alignment reaches +/- 1 mm.


 The positioning accuracy is expected visually by using various visualization tools such as:

  •    Spy glass
  •    Checker board
  •    Split line
  •   Color blend 

P-ARTISTM is complaint with DICOM RT standards. The system generates imaging and positioning information and makes certain that the patient is positioned at the isocenter in orientation defined by treatment (or session) management system.

  P-ARTIS TM positions the patient at a setup beam and/ or gantry angle beam positions. P-ARTIS TM is also capable of signaling the operator if the patient positioning exceeds the allowed tolerance during the treatment. In the latter scenario, the position of the patient may also be corrected automatically. 

Once the patient is positioned in the desired position, P-ARTISTM enables the treatment management system to begin the treatment. In addition, P-ARTISTM supplies oncology information system (or similar software solutions) with imaging and positioning information. The information is used for keeping the treatment records and for off line analysis. 

The system communicates with the Pencil Beam Scanning System. It allows to deliver the optimal dose distribution in a few minutes of the treatment. The treatment field size is as great as 40 x 40 cm.