P-Cure delivers the most compact 360o gantry-less adaptive proton therapy system that fits existing infrastructure of any radiation oncology department

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Now you can integrate the most advanced proton therapy solution in an existing linac treatment vault or just next to it.

To expand the availability of proton therapy for greater patient access around the globe, we have designed a compact turn-key solution enabling integration of the P-Cure proton therapy solution into all cancer care institutions, regardless of their size, geographic location, or infrastructure.

Comparable in size to single floor linac rooms, the P-Cure solution is economical to develop, operate and has the ability to treat more patients than previously possible. A P-Cure designed proton center can potentially cost 50% less than other systems currently offering turn-key solutions, while at the same time providing potential clinical benefits unavailable elsewhere.

Planning a proton center should start with patient-centric commitment. What’s best for patient treatment and cure? Patients in the seated position may demonstrate less internal organ motion, superior beam access to specific tumor sites, better breathing, and better saliva drainage — all factors that can markedly improve clinical outcomes, patient comfort, and the personal experience of the treatment.

The P-Cure patient-centric approach ushers in a new era of personalized treatment in proton therapy. Our fully integrated solution to simulate, plan, position, and treat patients in the seated position will be optimal for the delivery of the maximum treatment dose to the tumor site, sparing treatment-related side effects to healthy tissues and organs.

Designed and Developed from the
Patient and Physician Perspective

Clinical Efficacy

P-Cure aims to shift treatment efficacy to a new, unprecedented level – a quantum leap forward in reducing the magnitude of internal organ motion and markedly improving imaging resolution.

Clinical Safety

P-Cure’s treatment solution is expected to yield improved dose distribution, thereby exposing healthy tissues and organs to significantly less radiation.


Our FDA-cleared, in-room diagnostic quality 4D CT is integrated in an adaptive therapy workflow, and combined with pencil beam scanning, ensuring the treatment plan is always updated and delivered to the patient with unprecedented precision.


Our solution, comparable in size to single floor linac rooms, is 5 times smaller than a gantry room, and requires 50 percent less shielding.

Cost Efficient

The P-Cure solution can reduce the capital costs of a proton center by 50 percent, providing wider availability of proton therapy and faster ROI.

Patient Position

Greater comfort, less organ movement, and a potential reduction in collateral radiation to sensitive organs.

Industry opinion leaders say

Hanne M. Kooy, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology, Massachusetts General Hospital

“Adaptive therapy approach combined with a proton beam scanning is a quantum leap in our ability to cure cancer patients with radiation.”

Zelig A. Tochner, MD

Former Emeritus Professor of Radiation Oncology, University of Pennsylvania

“P-Cure’s gantry-less system can significantly reduce the cost of the initial investment required to establish proton therapy services.”

William F. Hartsell, MD

Radiation Oncologist & Medical Director, Chicago Proton Center Radiation Oncology

"We expect that imaging lung cancer patients in the upright position will allow us to more precisely target the tumor when we treat it with proton therapy.”

The Clinical Benefits, Together With Capital Cost Reduction, Will Enable a New Era of Widespread Proton Therapy

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